Materials, which mostly correspond to strict ecclesiastical canons, are used for sewing of ecclesiastical chasubles and attributes for centuries. Ecclesiastical textiles weaved with the images of Christian symbolics (crosses, vine etc) are mostly in single color and can not be many-colored, because chasubles sewed of such textiles must bring strict ritual character into the divine service.

Our workshop uses textiles of Ukrainian and Greek manufacture for the sewing. Among the Ukrainian textiles, there are:
Lurex (brocade) – patterns weaved with brocade lustrous thread on the plain warp;
– textile made by means of weaving patterns on the plain warp using propylene thread;
Polypropylene + lurex
– textile is made on the plain warp adding propylene and brocade thread.

Textile made by means of adding metallized thread (metanit) is also popular in sewing ecclesiastical chasubles, because the warp becomes more reliable at exploitation in conjunction with metallized thread. To make the textile more reliable, the warp can be made already metallized, and then patterns are embroidered on it with the thread. There are several kinds of such textile, which differ in frequency of putting diametrical threads in the patterns (one turn or two turns).

To make embroidered phaelonions in our workshop, we use velvet, which gives us the possibility to embroider different patterns on it. The textile is reliable at use, easily embroidered, handy at exploitation. The articles made of velvet have unique esthetic shape and serve for many years.

Sewing of phaelonions is impossible without using complete sets of crosses, which are embroidered by the machine in our workshop, which ensures more accurate execution of the ornament and quickens the process of manufacturing. In addition to machine embroidery, hand ready-made crosses are used, which are of different form and decorated with precious stones.

The textiles of Greek manufacture are of the same process of manufacturing as the Ukrainian ones: the warp is taken, and then patterns are put with the help of metallized thread. That is to say, that the only difference between the textiles used in our workshop is only the origin, because the quality is the same.

It is possible to say with confidence that Ukrainian textiles for sewing of ecclesiastical clothes win prestige and can compete with the countries, where the manufacturing of such textiles is much longer. And chasubles made of these textiles will serve for emission of Christ’s tradition by virtue of their reliability and esthetic form.

Ecclesiastical clothes sewing workshop Ryza 2007 - 2010