Priest Vestments (Russian Cut)

Clothing for Divine services is divided into different categories, depending on the rank of the worshiper, what he wears, and which church he belongs to. Church clothing has a special meaning and it is forbidden to use it in worldly life. Also, the fact that when putting on each item of clothing for Divine Services, the priest reads a separate prayer is important.


The components of the priestly vestments are very similar to those of the bishops, only robes are worn instead of the sakkos.

Felon or robes – priests wear over other clothes, it is a long cape without sleeves and a wide neckline on the chest. Like the sakkos, it symbolizes the crimson cloth in which Christ was clothed during His earthly suffering.

It should be noted that such church clothing has a slightly simplified set of elements, since the large and small omophorus is not used. However, in the priest’s clothing there are bracelets that are worn on the wrists and symbolize the bonds in which Jesus Christ was bound

It is worth noting that the priest’s vestment has 2 main types of cut:

  • Greek cut
  • Russian cut

The Russian cut of felons arose on the basis of the Greek and has certain features, namely:

  • The presence of a shoulder pad is a rigid structure on the shoulders that creates a special visual image, but is not comfortable from a practical point of view, as it is not ergonomic in relation to the human body. The origin of such a geometric shape in the vestment of a priest is probably connected with the need to apply a lot of symbolic embroidery on the clothes of a church minister, which greatly compacted the fabric and reduced its elasticity to a minimum. Therefore, such an unnatural shape was formed above the shoulders of the sacred minister.
  • A characteristic pattern of embroidery, which must necessarily contain seven crosses and an eight-pointed star on the back of the felon
  • Ribbons, for decoration.

The Greek cut is used in the liturgies of the Greek and Roman Catholic churches, and the Russian cut is mainly used by the ministers of the Orthodox Church. Although, in the summer, the church allows the use of the Greek cut (because it is more comfortable to use) with the painting according to the scheme of the russian cut.

You can buy priestly vestments both as a set and each element separately, in particular: chasuble or stichar, epitrachil, belt, armlets, felon, pectoral cross.

Priest’s clothing is very often tailored to fit the person. Thanks to this, the priest perfectly represents himself and will not be distracted during his ministry. That is why Riza’s store-workshop has every opportunity to realize individual orders both for the tailoring of church clothes and their decoration with embroidery. Our sewing capacity, combined with the experience and skill of our employees, gives an unsurpassed result.