Priestly vestments, Greek cut 167G


Product description

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Embroidered vestments can be made on the following fabrics: gabardine, dense silk, velvet, brocade. We use Ukrainian and Greek fabrics for sewing church vestments. All materials are of high quality and have been tested by our customers for years.
The cost of church vestments depends on the fabric on which your vestment is embroidered. For example, gabardine is the lightest fabric, so the price is lower. If the robes are made of silk or velvet, they will cost more. In our workshop shop, prices are indicated for all types of fabrics.

The set includes: felon, epitrachilus, bracelets, belt, set of covers.
Surplice is not included in the set, it can be ordered separately if desired.
The size, color, fabric and pattern of the garment is discussed when ordering.
To order a shirt, indicate your height and the length of the finished product, please fill out the form. Or contact our managers.

Table of sizes