About the workshop "Ryza"

A ecclesiastical clothes sewing workshop functions from 2004 years, creating church clothes and other matters of church consumption, which found the buyers not only in Ukraine, but also abroad: United States, Canada and countries of Europe.

In sewing we utillize fabrics of the Ukrainian, greek, Russian and other production Made in skilful wares, namely: bishop, iereyskiy, clothes of diyakonskiy, stikhari, dal'matiki, pidryasniki, cassocks, khorugvi and others like that, get to our network of the specialized shops under the name «Church fabrics», and already from here wander in different temples, granting pardon a human eye. Here you will be able to purchase yet and various fabrics for sewing of church clothes, sewing furnituru. Experimental salespeople-consultants with gladness will help you in the choice of commodity, will advise optimum variants. If now there are not necessary you products, you can do an order which will be executed in the nearest terms.

Embroidery, as an essential part of sacral clothes, originates from long ago, being improved and supplemented with many new patterns. Every element of the clothes, which is decorated with embroidery, bears Christian traditions.

Technical revolution of XXI century has touched all spheres of human life and activity: mode of life, or science, or … art, where embroidery of sacral clothes and attributes takes deserving place. Modern ecclesiastical clothes, decorated with the machine embroidery, are works of art, where accuracy of mechanics is closely connected with human talent and ideas, striving for the beautiful.

Our workshop is equipped with the modern embroidering computer techniques with software, which allows fast execution of orders of different levels and reasonable prices for the production.

Advantages of machine embroidery are durability and color brightness, good form of things for long years. Machine embroidery enhances possibilities of making difficult patterns and that gives the article very expensive and effective form.

Майстерня риза в роботі Майстерня риза в роботі Майстерня риза в роботі Майстерня риза в роботі

If must not possibility arrive personally in Lviv, offer to you possibility to order our products on a site in the section of “Order”. Since you carried out an order and left the co-ordinates, we necessarily skontaktuemosya with you for the direct discussion of terms of performing the orders and methods of their delivery for territories of Ukraine, and also for a border. Our addresses and telephones can be known in the section of site "Contacts".

Грамота - Риза Грамота - Риза

A ecclesiastical clothes sewing workshop marked a reward for conscientious labour on glory of the Khristovoy church, winning confession among spiritual circles.

A basic task a workshop is to make high-quality, beautiful wares which foremost would serve on glory Divine and were comfortable for svyaschenosluzhiteliv during their service. Therefore, buying commodities, made in our workshop, you bring in the particle in development of church culture and distribution of Khristovoy tradition.

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