Our workshop:

"Ryza" - is ecclesiastical clothes sewing workshop, where you can always find wide choice of production, and it is harmoniously combined with excellent quality and reasonable prices.

The main task of our workshop is to make ecclesiastical clothes and attributes. Modern sewing equipment is combined with human talent and skills.

Working for the glory of God, the workshop gained authority over the priesthood with its work. Ecclesiastical textiles

Ecclesiastical textiles

You can buy ready-made ecclesiastical clothes in our shops, and also ecclesiastical textiles and accessories. We have a wide range of colors and patterns. We also offer sewing accessories and many other things.

Order sewing:

You can order sewing of any ecclesiastical clothes in our workshop “Ryza”. The order is done with the shortest possible delay, the delivery through Ukraine and abroad is possible. To register an order of ecclesiastical clothes, fill in the following form.

Our address Workshop: Lviv, Lysenka street, 43

tel: +38 (098) 468-04-07

tel: +38 (032) 243-94-30

tel: +38 (032) 247-94-30

tel: +38 (063) 279-20-53


Shops: Lviv, Osmomysla street, 1
tel. +38 (032) 235-83-02
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