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In the Christian New Testament Church, there are three degrees of priesthood established by the holy apostles. The main position is occupied by bishops, followed...
Clothes for religious services are sewn from brocade or other material suitable for these purposes. Church clothes are decorated with crosses. The clothing belonging to...

About the Church shop "Ryza"

Church shop-tailoring studio "Ryza" has been operating since 2004, creating church clothes and other items of church life, which have found their customers not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

Embroidery, as an integral part of sacred clothing, takes its origins from ancient times, improving, adding more and more new patterns to its collection. Each item of clothing, decorated with embroidery, carries Christian traditions. That is why we opened not just a store, but created a tailoring studio to be able to work with individual orders and create unique products.

The advantages of machine embroidery are durability and brightness of color, keeping the attractive appearance of things for many years. The use of machine embroidery increases the possibilities of performing complex drawings, which gives the product an expensive and impressive look.

Advantages of our online store:

  • an impressive selection of quality fabrics for sewing church clothes;
  • a large assortment of sewing accessories;
  • modern equipment. Our workshop is equipped with the latest embroidery computer equipment with software, which allows for quick execution of orders of various degrees of complexity and affordable prices for individual tailoring of clothes;
  • qualified staff. Our employees will professionally help you and choose a product that will meet your request;
  • individual approach. If at the moment there is no product you need, you can place an order that will be fulfilled in the shortest possible time.

The main task of the workshop is the production of high-quality, beautiful products, which would primarily serve for the glory of God and would be convenient for clergymen during their service. Therefore, by visiting our church store, you contribute to the development of church culture and the spread of Christ's tradition.

Ryza church shop guarantees:

  • The best choice
    Every day we try to expand the assortment. Thanks to many years of experience in the market, we can get the biggest discounts and thus provide you with a favorable price for our products. We make every effort to protect products as best as possible before shipping.
  • Good prices
    A proven supply network and multi-year contracts mean we can guarantee you a really good price. Your satisfaction with shopping at our store is our priority. We are always open to feedback and suggestions for changes.
  • Fast delivery
    We ship dozens of parcels every day and carefully inspect each item before shipping and pack it securely.

Tailoring of clothes to order

We have many years of experience in dressing clergy, which means that we know sacred fashion like no one else. Church shop "Ryza" is a place where ministers can find high-class clothes, vestments, undersacristy , cassocks, mitres, requisite sets, as well as everyday clothes, for example, shirts. Our extensive range also includes accessories: covers, flags, sewing materials, fittings and much more.


Metropolitan of Lviv and Galicia

When I came to serve and work as a bishop in Lviv, I was happy to learn that there is a production in Lviv under the trademark “Ryza”, which specializes in sewing church clothes and paraphernalia.

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Father Dimitriy Tanaka Jinichi
Abbot of the Church of the Holy Trinity, Orthodox Church of Japan

Almost a year ago, for the first time, I was lucky enough to purchase vestments from the Riza workshop. It was a vestment of a beautiful green color, which best suits our Church of the Holy Trinity. We were so impressed with the skill with which this garment was sewn that we made a new order.

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Archbishop of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA

The name of the church shop “Ryza” speaks for itself. It is easy to find. It is immediately clear what can be purchased in it. It has been heard and known all over the world, even here, far in the diaspora, in the United States of America.

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