Payment and delivery


Once we receive your order, it will be processed and we will notify you by email or phone. Order processing usually takes no more than 24 hours. In some cases (weekends or holidays), the processing period may be slightly longer.

Direct delivery of goods is carried out by all-Ukrainian transport services Ukrposhta, Myst Express and Nova poshta.

“Nova Poshta” delivery service — the order is delivered to the Nova Poshta representative office in the recipient’s city.

After receiving payment for the order and shipping, the customer can receive his order the next day at the local Nova Poshta office. Information about conditions, terms and cost of delivery can be found on the website of New Post. In order to avoid delays during delivery, the shipped goods must be insured (1.5% of the order amount).

The general principle of baggage delivery is as follows:

  1. A representative of the “RYZA” workshop comes to the branch of the “Nova Poshta” company and fills out the baggage declaration.
  2. The baggage is assessed by a company employee and agreed with the sender regarding the transportation price, and then the baggage is processed for shipment. Transportation can be paid by both the sender and the recipient. Regular customers are given the opportunity to pay for transportation on a non-cash account.
  3. After baggage registration, the sender must inform the recipient of the declaration number, the flight on which the baggage will be sent, the date of departure and the delivery date (the sender will receive these data from the operator of our company).
  4. The “Nova Poshta” company carries out transportation to the final delivery point.
  5. The recipient comes to the company’s office in his city.

ATTENTION: THE RECIPIENT SHOULD HAVE A PASSPORT WITH THEM, in the event that the baggage is registered to a legal entity, the recipient must also have a letter of attorney written in free form with a wet seal. THE RECIPIENT MUST ALSO KNOW THE DECLARATION NUMBER. In the absence of documents, baggage will not be issued!

More details about the baggage delivery scheme by Nova Poshta on the official website of the company “Nova Poshta”


Payment can be made by bank transfer at a branch of any commercial bank or at Oschadbank using a receipt sent to your contact e-mail.

We also accept payment for goods in cash at the office or by money order (at any branch of UkrPoshta).