Church Utensils

The service of God is extremely important in the life of every believer. But it is difficult to imagine a liturgy without the use of special attributes. This is, among other things, church utensils. It is used not only during Liturgies, but also during all other church rites.


Each rite is closely related to the use of certain attributes. When choosing inexpensive church utensils, it is worth making sure that it is worth using in such important ceremonies. Therefore, it is best to purchase this type of accessories in a proven church store that offers only the highest quality goods, beautiful design and perfect finishing.

Such liturgical accessories will be appropriate for any temple, emphasizing its beauty.

Unlike liturgical vessels, which are used during the Divine Service and other church rites, church utensils do not have such strict requirements defined by the Church.

However, they also remain objects of worship and are an element of sacred art, so priests and other persons responsible for equipping temples should pay great attention to quality and aesthetics. To meet these expectations, in our shop-workshop we offer church utensils from the highest quality manufacturer for furnishing churches and chapels.

We invite you to view the available assortment on the pages: shrouds, eagles, bookmarks for the Gospel, covers, sticks, banners, icons (embroidered faces). It is important that the embroidered attributes can be ordered in the same style according to the vestment of the priest, for example. Since our store has a workshop, we are able to take into account and quickly implement various requests from customers.


Ryza church shop-workshop offers church products of the best quality. This category includes all necessary liturgical accessories with a wide range of applications. We make sure that all utensils in our assortment meet all the necessary requirements that allow us to use them for liturgies, etc. All products offered by us are made of high-quality materials and decorated with attention to even the smallest details. Thanks to this, you will definitely be satisfied with both their functionality and appearance.


We are constantly increasing the number of liturgical accessories available in our offer, so you will have no problem finding everything you need. In our store you can order all church utensils for the altar in shades for different periods. In church rites, every detail is filled with meaning, so colors also play an important role and create a “mood” in the church according to one or another liturgical period.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with our entire offer, which includes all the products necessary for the complete arrangement of the church. You should also remember the possibility of an individual order and with embroidery decoration according to a special design.

The liturgical items sold in our store are made to the highest church standards and with attention to every detail.