Priests Clothing

The wardrobe of the clergy is quite specific and makes it easy to recognize a clergyman. But do we know what it consists of and what its function is? Immediately it is worth distinguishing a clear division of clothes into two categories:

– Priest’s clothes for services (or liturgical clothes)

– Everyday clothes of a clergyman.


The first category is described in detail in the Clothing section, and the second is described below. Priests also use clothes with certain characteristics every day – discreet and elegant. Despite this, they have a certain freedom in choosing for themselves. In liturgical clothing, they use what is typical for this parish

The everyday costume of priest consists of:

– robe,

– undercassock

– pectoral cross.

A robe is a garment of the clergy, which is worn over the undercassock and worn outside of Divine Services.

Such clothing is long and spacious, with wide sleeves, dark in color. Usually, the cassock of all priests is black (it can be other dark colors or white).

The undercassock is worn as a priest’s lower garment, has narrow sleeves and is mostly black in color.

And priests can wear pants and shirts with a special collar and a white collar in their everyday life (or it is also called a Roman collar, which wraps around the neck and symbolizes that the priest is also a servant of God.)

Cleric shirts are as important an item of clothing for a priest as classic shirts are for every man. Although they are usually worn under liturgical vestments or cassocks, they should be made of high-quality, lightweight and natural materials to ensure the comfort of everyday use. The most comfortable and least binding t-shirt for the modern priest is the characteristic polo shirt. The fact that this is a model intended for a priest is clearly evidenced by its finish. Instead of the traditional, typical for this type of t-shirt, the classic collar, the version for priests certainly has a special tunnel at the top that houses the collar, which is worn mainly regardless of the type of sacred vestment. Of course, these t-shirts are also available in a limited range of colors.

In addition to shirts, we also offer other elements of priestly clothing, from the subtle but very important collar fastener to a variety of priestly headgear.

The everyday clothes of an Orthodox priest consist of:

  • undercassock
  • Skufiya (Kamilavka)

Skufia is a headdress in the form of a cap. Mostly black, small in size, with three or four seams, thanks to which it is convenient to fold.

The non-service clothing of a priest is a undercassock, a cassock and a pectoral cross.

The hierarch’s non-liturgical clothing is complemented by a matnia, a cap and a panagia. A mantle is a wide cape that is used as an outer garment. A hood is a headdress that has the shape of a cylinder extended to the top. It can be black or white. The black hood can be worn by monks of the small order, bishops and archbishops. It is characteristic that on the caps of patriarchs, metropolitans and archbishops, the image of the cross is attached to the front. Metropolitans and patriarchs can wear a white hood. Panagia is a round breast ornament with the image of the Mother of God.

We make every effort to ensure that the clothes meet the preferences of the future owners. For this, we offer a variety of fabrics to choose from. The composition of the materials allows you to carry out regular washing without fear that the high temperature will damage the material or wash out the black color. The Ryza store-workshop is responsible for the quality of the products that you will find in our assortment.