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Church vestments are clothes worn during the liturgy, the main task of which is to outline the status and define the functions of the person who wears it. Clothing is an irreplaceable element of the priest’s clothing during the service. Such clothes are also called – liturgical clothes, liturgical vestments, robes. Such clothes are sewn mainly from gold or silver brocade. Church clothes in Ukrainian churches can also be made of cloth decorated with embroidery.

Different ranks of the clergy during divine services have separate robes (usually with names of Greek origin) — and the higher rank wears the robes of the lower ones with their own addition.

In the Clothing category we offer:

  • Bishop’s vestments
  • priestly vestments (Greek cut)
  • priestly vestments (Russian region).

A large selection of liturgical clothing

The clothes offered in Ryza’s shop-workshop are made of high-quality fabrics and with maximum attention to every detail. Products offered include both classic, beautifully decorated robes with embroidered symbols, as well as modern patterns for many celebrations.

A wide range of products is also provided by custom tailoring.

High clothing quality

Every religious dress offered by our store is made with great precision, which ensures not only the beautiful appearance of every detail, but also durability and complete wearing comfort. Among numerous types of liturgical fabrics and embroidered vestments, you will find liturgical vestments for the most demanding customers. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full range of our products!

Religious costumes of various sizes

Altar ministers should be distinguished by their clothes during the Divine Service. As a major manufacturer of liturgical vestments, we also sew whole sets of vestments for the altar group according to the sizes and colors provided by the customer. We know that symbolism is of great importance in the Church, both in terms of the colors of sacred vestments and the patterns applied to them. We make every effort to combine tradition and modernity in our products. And we realize that the combination of these factors in other areas as well is currently one of the biggest challenges, but at the same time it is also an opportunity for this powerful community. Despite the limited number of functions, the Church remains a hope and support for many.

For our part, we can support today’s priests in their difficult mission by providing them with the highest quality items of clothing necessary for them in various situations.

A wide selection of robes

The clothes available at are not only the most common robes in the following colors: green, purple, red and white. We also offer unique ceremonial gold robes, pink robes for joyous celebrations and black robes – usually mourning robes. We dress priests and other clergy from head to toe. In addition, Ryza’s shop-workshop offers other textiles necessary for decorating a church or during a service, such as elegant embroidered altar cloths.

All liturgical clothing of our production is the highest quality robes and other items of clothing for priests on ordinary days and holidays. Suits for deacons and priests are sent as soon as possible after the order is placed. Delivery is carried out with the help of a partner company with which we have been cooperating for many years.

In general, it is worth remembering that in addition to the assortment available on the pages of our online store, you can order tailoring and/or embroidery for church vestments in individual sizes and unique designs.